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Bank debt consolidation: is the single installment convenient?

Capital Lender (joint-stock company formed following the merger between the financial Capital Lender and the Ducato) is one of the financial companies with the widest territorial coverage within our peninsula. This is accompanied by a strong online offer, especially for the ease of calculating estimates directly from the website through the use of the tool accessible without the need for registration. Among the loans it offers, within the personal loans section, we also find Capital Lender debt consolidation.

Before seeing the characteristics of this loan, we remind you that Capital Lender is currently a financial company owned by 61% of the French company Fine Bank (indirectly through Fine Bank Consumer Finance) and 39% by Cream bank.

What does debt consolidation offer offer?

What does debt consolidation offer offer?

The debt consolidation loan with Capital Lender offers the same possibility that similar loans offer, namely that of compacting all the loans that are already in progress in a single loan, so as to have to face a single installment and a single maturity. It is therefore a product that can be requested not as a first and only loan. As for the main features, let’s briefly summarize them:

  • fixed single Tan rate, which therefore remains unchanged for the entire duration of the loan (the Tan and therefore also the Taeg depend on the sum chosen and the duration of the repayment plan);
  • possibility of flexibility with the Skip Installment (allows you to skip an installment by reimbursing it at the end of the plan) and Modify Installment (consequently varying the duration of the plan);
  • duration of the repayment plan, even long, up to a maximum of 120 installments.

The refund can be made by postal order or direct debit from the current account (with SDD).

How to request information

How to request information

For more information on debt consolidation, you can:

  • call the Capital Lender toll-free number 
  • make your reservation online and request an appointment at the most convenient or nearby Capital Lender branch to reach.

In this second case it will be enough:

    • connect to the official website;
    • search for the area of ​​interest thanks to the insertion of the zip code or city name;
  • identify the branch with which you want the appointment through the interactive map;
  • click on “Request appointment”.

At this point you will arrive at the appropriate page where the various items required to make an appointment must be completed.

How to get an online quote

How to get an online quote

It is possible to make a simulation or request a quote also online, so as to have a first idea on the conditions that would have, depending on the amount chosen and the repayment duration. To take advantage of the tool, simply click on the red ” Request Now ” button which sends to the page that gives access to the compilation of the data necessary to make a first calculation of the conditions:

Now we see two examples, being able to choose between 500 and 30 thousand USD as amounts that can be entered. The first concerns the request for debt consolidation for 10 thousand USD while the other for the maximum amount contemplated by the system (equal to 30 thousand USD):

The system will provide us with the various assumptions related to the duration, being able to view and print the ‘SECCI’ form of each alternative: Choosing in the example the one with 120 installments, it can be seen that the Tan is set at 6.92% while the Taeg at 8.10%.

In the specific case we repeat the same procedure changing the amount: Always opting for the 120 installments we arrive at a Tan in line with the previous case (equal to 6.91%) and Taeg in slight ‘contraction’ equal to 7.69%. Those who want to use the remote quote request management can also take advantage of the special App that can be downloaded for free.



The debt consolidation loan with Capital Lender can be a solution to evaluate if you have various installments of various loans to be repaid. Obviously, it is always advisable to have more than one quote made to compare with similar products offered by other financial companies or by some other bank.

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